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Midnight afterthoughts #1

I think it’s obvious now that I should learn to be the person that I want to have alongside me. I could say yes to you and I would only end up in the same place I always do: resenting my plain existence and contemplating living a different kind of plainness. My plans never seem to match up to others, and I crave them so badly that I am willing to let mine go. And that works for a while, until that raw passion just won’t suffice. Until we reach that point where I want something you can’t deliver. And it’s not your fault that I lied and said I could do without. And it’s not my fault for truly believing it’s enough. The blame is on time, it takes everything away from us, while also giving us everything. Had it not been for him, I never would have gotten you.

Catching up with my demon

Walking down the empty street,

I see a demon stalking me.

He sees me rolling in abyss

But he leaves me in my bliss.

I go off into the night,

And I come back with a light,

And I bring the demon with,

Showing him to make a slit.

While I let him slice my flesh,

I will give myself a rest,

I’ll wait eagerly to drown,

And I’ll shed away my crown.

Photo from here: http://syda-ginger.deviantart.com/art/Demon-305281738

Despair, but just a bit

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As I travel through life, wishing a lot, but accomplishing less, I realize the freedom I once held.

I grew these past few years and not always for the best. Maybe a little bit of „better”, but not in every place

I’m just sitting here, on a rocking chair, and I try not to weep with my own despair

I’m always so hopeful to a „maybe” tomorrow, but I realize soon it’s my own missed stair .


Life is about holding on to your good memories.

Life is about holding on to your good memories.

A small fact that sometimes I forget.
Life will never be all good. For some, life will never get to be „some good”.
So you have to hold on and hope you’ll make it till the end.
And hopefully, the end will be worthy… If not, just hold on a little bit more, till it will pass.





Si ma vad acum inchisa,

Intr-un nor adanc si-elastic,

Si ma gandesc acum, cam trista..

Cum ar fi sa fiu de plastic?




Sometimes has a funny way of showing you’re alive…

Dezvirginare, subiect tabu se pare…

Tot citeam pe site-ul acela de intrajutorare, tpu.ro, despre pustoaice care faceau prostioare cu ele insele.

Si citeam pe acolo de unele persoane oripilate de actiunile fetei, de parca saracuta ar trebui sa fie ca o sticla de nectar, cu dop si folie neatinsa.

Si ma intrebam de cand e dezvirginarea, sau mai degraba masturbarea, subiect tabu. Adica trebuie sa te cunosti putin pe tine insati inainte de a incepe cu un baiat. Ca daca o sa fii speriata, de nu o sa poata baiatul (si fata pentru unele, dar ele de obicei inteleg) sa se apropie de tine, ma indoiesc ca va rabda prea mult sa se uite fara sa atinga. Adica rabda pana nu mai poate, daca pricepeti aluzia…

Acum, mie una mi se pare absurd. Suntem in secolul XXI, lumea e mai evoluata, mental si fizic, asa ca trebuie sa tinem pasul si sa ajutam bietele suflete timorate.

Pentru ca prima oara doare (exceptand cateva cazuri destul de rare). Si daca te apuci ca din pod sa te arunci asupra unuia, fara preludiu sau putina experienta personala, pot spune ca o sa ramai cu sechele vis a vis de durerea actului…

Si toti baietii stiu ca nu vor asta, pentru ca ar insemna o fata in minus, iar ei (aia calumea) apreciaza fiecare pustoaica speriata care are nevoie de intelegere pentru a-si da drumu’.

Deci intrebati fetelor, ca trebuie sa aflati lucrurile din timp.

Si nu, aici nu ma refer sa incepeti devreme. La varsta de 11, 12 ani incepeti sa aveti doar teoria la punct, apoi da-ti usor inainte cu toate cele, fara sa incercati sa le faceti pe plac altora. La capitolul asta fiti egoise, ca vi se permite. Si daca nu, pierderea lor. 🙂